Blog Assignmet #5 – Innovate


My name is Dani, and I love cooking. (“We love you Dani” and applaud)

Molecular gastronomy, in the beginning it was called molecular and physical gastronomy, it is an art form of food in the culinary world that started in the 1980 by Harve This, a physical chemist, who had a souffle disaster in his own kitchen. later on he partnered with Nicholas Kurti, emeritus professor emeritus of physics at Oxford University, and the two physical scientists launched a new discipline. Gastronomy means since the 19th century, has described the art of selecting, preparing, serving and enjoying fine food. Both tried to emphasize it internationally by organizing the first International Workshop on molecular and physical gastronomy in 1992 and presented the first doctorate in the field at the University of Paris in 1996. At first people doubted it, arguing that it is too complex and and difficult for an average cook in any given kitchen that does not carry the appropriate equipment. Secondly it takes away the intangible aspects of the cooking craft, chefs intuition or spontaneity.

Molecular gastronomy is a technology,and product innovation, special equipment, technology, is required to practice molecular gastronomy. The final product is what defining molecular gastronomy, there are many scientific aspects that take a role into making it a product innovation.

the accomplishment of the innovation was a process of trial and error, experimenting and learning from mistakes. After Harve This tried to make a souflle without following the instructions of incorporating two egg yolks at a time, a different result. All prepared food dishes are examples of a mixture known as a colloid. A colloid is a material composed of tiny particles of one substance that are dispersed, but not dissolved, in another substance. The mixture of the two substances is called a colloidal dispersion or a colloidal system. To aid in the description of complex disperse systems found in food preparation, Hervé This devised a method O[10-5, 10-4] ÷ W[d > 6 x 10-7]      O[10-5, 10-4] ÷ W[d > 6 x 10-7]. The O stands for “oil,” the W for “water.” The forward slash means “dispersed into.” The numbers indicate sizes of the molecules.

In the future I will probably encounter MG in the field and will learn how to work with MG, now that i have researched the field I can enter the practice more comfortably and confidently.

If you have any questions or suggestions, do not hesitate to contact me!

Have yourself a Delicioso rest of the day.


Blog Assignment #4 – Diets and Dietary Restrictions


My name is Dani, and I love cooking. (“We love you Dani” and applaud)

I have always wanted to try a Lacto-ovo vegetarian diet, see what it is like, maybe it would help my body, since I could remember myself crawling meat was the main ingredient in my families diet. Where I came from we used buy sheep and using kosher Jewish methods to slaughter them, butcher and prepare delicioso ethnic dishes.

Day 1 Monday: I feel brave, this is a big decision and a major change in my eating habits, the most I survived without meat was 48 hours and it was because I was camping and there was no meat available to us. The menu consists of: For the morning I prepared a avocado sandwich, avocados, tomatoes, cucumbers and a little chipotle mayo. it was pretty good, flavorful and not bad for a first meal on the first day. I did not have anything for lunch since it was a busy day at school and then I had to run to work. As I arrived to work, deprived from meat (my precious meat), hungry; I had to be strong and resist the temptation of the daily special, clam chowder soup and grilled flatiron steak with roasted root vegetables and a red wine green peppercorn sauce. So instead I had the soba noodle salad with tofu, what a treat…..

Day 2: I fell asleep feeling that something is missing, a part of me was taken away. I woke up, got ready for the day, prepared myself buckwheat with mushrooms and peppers stuffed in white mus hrooms and topped with blanched asparagus.


for breakfast I had sunny side up with bread and I run to school. Its lunch time, and its time to eat my food, it was not bad, it tasted good, it is just that something was missing, I did not feel complete. As the day continued I could not stop thinking about how I am going to not have my mom’s dinner, which includes onions, carrots, garlic, rice and lamb (my favorite of all) I will not be having this delicacy, instead my dad will be angry with me and tell me what a fool I am to be vegetarian (which I agree). Alternatively I had a vegetarian stir fried teriyaki veggies with tofu. Shame on me.

Day 3: Why do I feel so weak? why do I feel so tired even though I slept for good 8 hours? No time for breakfast, I grab my bag, a Cliff bar and go to school. I am tired, hungry and angry because I am hungry. I have to eat something after my test, so I go to the 5 dollar burrito joint on Front and Sherbourne, I ordered my self a vegetarian burrito and pretended I enjoyed myself. later on that day my friend and I met for dinner and we went to Fresh restaurant, where I remembered the food was fairly good when my friend convinced me to stop being so stubborn and try something new. I ordered the Tex Mex Tortilla Scramble, and it was amazing, it was a big portion, it was tasty and it made me forget for a second that I am on a Vegetarian diet. My sleep is better today.

Day 4: My breakfast  this morning is a nostalgic inspiration, a porridge that was made to me at my grandparents house in Israel every time I stayed over. every morning my grandpa would get up at 7 am in the morning (I am still tightly sleeping) and prepare me an at porridge, and every singe time it was delicioso. I prepared the oat porridge (not as nearly as good as his is) and start my day. I went to school and got back home quickly for dinner, rice with veggies.

Rice with veggies:

brunoise 1 large carrot, onion and 2 peppers.

sweat, and add 1 cup of brown rice with a two cups of water and let simmer until water evaporates. (season to taste, but I also add Sazon Gayo, a spanish spice mixture)

It is simple, tasty and fulfilling. I was inspired from a Mexican restaurant I used to work a year ago.

Day 5: It has been nearly a week since I started this nonsense (NOTHING AGAINST VEGETARIANISM, it is just not for everybody, especially me) and I cant wait to start eating my precious meat again. I start my day with a toast, tomato paste and cheese, I head to school, and for lunch I had a Sub, a veggie sub. (but very soon my friends, very soon I will have a corned beef sub). It is 7 pm, and my parents still trying to convince me to have my moms dinner, a dough filled with cubed meat and onions, telling me how she spent so much time making them for us and I refuse to eat, claiming that I am hurting my mom’s feelings. They do not get it, and they will not, but that is ok, I do not expect them to. So I used the left over dough and filled with sweet potato and onions and baked it for myself, it was pretty good, that good actually that my family ate it too and stopped bugging me about my new diet routine.

Day 6: I have a morning shift, so I decided to snack something at work, A cream of spinach soup (it is not a “snack something” anymore, I had seconds) for lunch I treated my self with some mash potato, with soy dijon sautee greens and coconut milk miso tofu. for dinner I had some veggie pizza. The day is coming!

Day 7: Finally, the last day of my torture, my happiness can be restored, tomorrow. The last day I had cream of mushroom soup, and for dinner I had zucchini rolls filled with quinoa and some veggies.

What an experience, who would have thought I made it, for a whole week I kept a vegetarian diet, I am a hero, a self proclaimed hero of course. In general, I did not like that, and i do not think it is for me. The whole week I felt weak, hungry for more and energy deprived. As they passed by all I could long for is the ending of it, so I could go back to having meat.

Its very subjective to maintain a certain diet life style; I for example did not like it and can not advice anyone how to make it easier. However, as a future chef, I will definitely include vegetarian dishes for the vegetarian crowd.

If you have any questions or suggestions, do not hesitate to contact me!

Have yourself a Delicioso rest of the day.

Blog Assignment #3 – “Hug a Farmer”


My name is Dani, and I love cooking. (“We love you Dani” and applaud)

This time we are required to go to local farmers market and sniff around this small growing community that hopefully will take over the big monopoly companies that provide us with the so called “organic” or ” natural” foods in our local supermarkets.

I did a little research and found a small farmers market down at the Dufferin Grove Park. It is an indoor facility that is operated the whole year every Thursday from 3-7. Entering the location, I was welcomed by a 70s tune, it was a very familiar tune but I could not name it. The man was playing his old rusty guitar, and filled the room with ease. There are about 12 booths of local farmers but only one caught my eye, “Marvelous Edibles”. The man behind the booth flooded the small facility with the searing sound of his home-made pork sausages and let everyone have a taste, and it was delicioso. I Introduced myself to the man who created the amazing sausages and told him about my research, he was happy to tell me his and the farm’s story.

Jens Eller, a trained Chef from Germany at which one point he decided to travel to Canada, where he met his wife, Ayse Akoner, and started a farm in 2003 in Grey Road 18, Owen Sound, ON, N4K 5W4. He used to run a restaurant in Toronto, a European bistro place, and decided one day that it is hes time to move on and do something else.

He believes that the food he is farming, fruits vegetables and live stock, needs to be organic, GMO free, pesticides free, grass fed, pastured pigs. He believes that the food he farms needs to be drugs free since he has been in the industry for so long, that he knows how food is affected and effecting the body. The couple has a child and they want the child to grow in a healthy environment and grow consuming healthy food, that has minimum effect on the body. Of course if some foods are not accessible and not grown, they try to purchase a healthy product. in the farm they carry around 30 cows, a few sheep, pigs (not sure how many) chickens, ducks, geese; which are all free range. They offer internship and volunteering opportunities in their farm to teach those how to run their own sustainable farm, which I think is a great thing to offer, a place where you can go back to your roots and learns how to farm what you eat. A very welcoming and warm family with a big farm (the only source of income) and bigger heart, their passion and lifestyle is to be admired.

The link to their website:

This was a great opportunity to learn about the life style of a farmer and their opinion on sustainability and organic food. I know a lot more now from this experience and inspired to learn how to farm myself.

A Great movie to see about GMO and sustainability is called “GMO OMG”. Explains what GMO is and how little people know what it is, its effects on future generation and the food with GMO’s.

If you have any questions or suggestions, do not hesitate to contact me!

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Food for Scholars: Finland


My name is Dani, and I love cooking. (“We love you Dani” and applaud)

My good friend from my program, Culinary Management, teaching us how to make one of the most traditional dishes in her home country; Corellian Pie.

If you have any questions or suggestions, do not hesitate to contact me!

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Blog assignment #1&2


My name is Dani, and I love cooking. (“We love you Dani” and applaud)

Blog #1 Purchasing Meat and Game

For this blog assignment we are to choose a butchery shop and discuss about it. Next we are to choose an animal discuss about the animal and the cut we are going to purchase, how we are going to cook it and why. The place I chose to buy from is T&T Supermarket Inc., an Asian supermarket that holds a big butchery section.


Along with the large butchery section of meat, poultry and game there is a large seafood section, with large water tanks filled with swimming fish, crabs and shells.


In 1993, T & T Supermarket Inc. established its first two stores at the Metro town Centre, Burnaby and President’s Plaza, Richmond. In 2002, T & T established its ninth branch in Promenade mall in Vaughn. The animal I chose is Cattle. Cattle are very useful to domesticate: they are useful for food, including milk, blood, and meat; for secondary products such as clothing and tools from hides, hoofs and bones; and for use as load-bearers and plows. The earliest substantive evidence for cattle domestication anywhere in the world is the Pre-Pottery Neolithic cultures in the Taurus Mountains, circa 10,500 BP. One recent strain of evidence for the domestication of cattle comes from the study of lactase persistence, the ability to digest milk sugar lactose in adults (the opposite of lactose intolerance). Most mammals, including humans, can tolerate milk as infants, but after weaning, they lose that ability. Only about 35% of people in the world are able to digest milk sugars as adults without discomfort, a trait called lactase persistence. This is a genetic trait, and it is theorized that it would have selected for in human populations that had ready access to fresh milk. The cut I chose is tenderloin, Beef tenderloin is a large cut of meat right out of the short loin section. It is the most tender meat. This makes it one of the most popular cuts. This also makes it one of the more expensive cuts as well. Whole trimmed tenderloin can weigh in around 6 pounds and cost as much as $100 or more.

Some things to take into consideration are that this cut is very expensive, which means we want to choose a fresh cut, that contains a high percentage of meat and the knowledge of cooking it properly.


Some of the cooking methods that can be applied are roasting or grilling, would be ideal. Since its a very tender meat and full of juices we dont want to over cook it and lose its flavors. To make life a little easier you could cut the tenderloin into steaks, grill it (med rare is the perfect way )and season to taste, if roasting it is better to tie the meat so it will cook evenly, sear it and put in the oven for 425F for about half and hour, and after you should let it sit for another 10 minutes to rest, at which the temperature inside the meat will rise by 10-15 degrees. The cut is very juicy so sauce is not a necessity.

Blog #2 The Cooking of the Meat

I chose the tenderloin as my cut and will bake it in the oven for 45 min using dry heat method.

The cut is tender, juicy and flavorful and perfect for my family’s traditional ethnic dish Samsi a samosa’s tandyr-baked cousins.

The recipe:

The Dough

3 cups of AP flower

1/2 cup of warm salted water

1 1/2 tbsp veg oil


make a well in the middle of the flower, pour a little water and all the oil. Start incorporating all together until dough is formed, start kneading and add water and/or flower as necessary. Knead the dough for about 10 min until smooth. Put dough in a container and cover with damp cloth and let sit for one hour.

Meanwhile we are going to make the mixture that will go in the dough



4 onions very thinly julienne

650 g of tenderloin cut into 1/2 inch cubes

1 tbsp cumin

1/2 tbsp sugar

Seasoning to taste

mix all ingredients together.

So now that we waited for the dough we will going to make small 1 1/2 inch balls, and then we will use a rolling pin to flatten it, have it thin, and to keep the circular shape. We now place the meat mixture in the middle of the circular thin dough and close it properly using our fingers attaching the dough together so that the mixture and the juices will not spread open on  the baking sheet. We will use egg wash and sesame seeds on top. place in oven and bake on 425F for about 40 minutes.

On the side I made a little mix greens with carrots and cucumber and a side of Seasoned baked and crushed egg plant, Babaganush.

image (1)

If you have any questions or suggestions, do not hesitate to contact me!

Have yourself a Delicioso rest of the day.

Passions, UNITE!


My name is Dani, and I love cooking. (“We love you Dani” and applaud)

Two worlds coming together, what a beautiful thing. Oh, but how hard to maintain the energy for each separately, when each consumes your heart and soul in its own way until you become so satisfied you wish to rest until you regain enough energy to give all of yourself to your other passion.

My two greatest passions in my life are food and Tango. Each requires great attention to detail, discipline and most importantly patience. Without patience you will find your experience will be painful, frustrating and heartbreaking. What I am trying to say is that you cant push things to happen, they must happen naturally and be genuine.just let it be.

One thing that I have learned lately(I learned about it a few months ago, but I just had to test it out a few more times) is that I find it very hard to do both at the same time, Tango and cooking.

I try to put my name and my food out there by cooking for Milongas (Milonga is a term for a place or an event where Tango is danced. Basically, a Tango party) I also try to avoid the use of ingredients that are strong and have an unpleasant in their aromas like garlic and onion. Majority of the food is finger foods, since its still a party where people like to dress really nice and fancy.

So here are the latest dishes:

Chicken mushroom Ballotine, with Jus Lie with roses fragment,


Triple beet bruschetta with fetta and bread coated on baguette with home made flavored olive oil bread (garlic, thyme and rosemary)


Ballotine is a poultry thigh and leg deboned and stuffed with ground meat and other ingredients. Mine was chicken bits mushrooms and a secret spice I used to use in a Mexican restaurant.

The triple beet I used golden beets, candy beets and red beets mixed with a bunch of minced fresh herbs and a variety of vinaigrettes.

It was worth every minute of my time to make it. All the Milonguera/os(A Milonguero is a person who spends time dancing social Tango) loved it. I was exhausted and beaten, but satisfied, rested in my heart and most importantly, happy. Even though I was not able to dance and express myself, I was able to finally admit to myself of the undeniable fact that its is very hard to do both at the same time. Rest is necessary, filling you up with the energy to express yourself again, free from everything that has happened before. I went to another Milonga and was able to express myself the way I did in my cooking. All I needed is time, rest and let the day fill my heart with new energy and experiences. I cant ignore the fact that my mood has an effect on my cooking and dancing.

Some other things I have cooked in the last few weeks: potato and sweet potato scallops, beef liver in balsamic reduction, sushi( always wanted to do that) and hand made ravioli with beef cheeks.

My friends let me stay at their apartment when the snow storm hit Toronto and covered us with a cold blanket of 30 cm of snow, and we crafted chicken thighs and legs with shakshuka.

What I am trying to say is the last few weeks were filled with lots of Delicioso cooking.

Valentine’s Day is coming up, something special is going to be made. Stay tuned.

If you have any questions or suggestions, do not hesitate to contact me!

Have yourself a Delicioso rest of the day.

Food for Scholars: Argentina


My name is Dani, and I love cooking. (“We love you Dani” and applaud)

My second video, hosting my tango instructors teaching us how to make original delicioso empanadas.

If you have any questions or suggestions, do not hesitate to contact me!

Have yourself a Delicioso rest of the day.

Food for Scholars #4 Hors d’oeuvre


My name is Dani, and I love cooking. (“We love you Dani” and applaud)

You invite some friends over, and being the great host that you are, you have to feed them something. Getting some popcorn and chips is an option but we both know you can do better…

Hors d’oeuvre is a French word that translates as “apart from the [main] work” which refers to the meal. It is usually served in small portions and while waiting for the main course. You can call it the “flirting” part. Just stimulating the taste buds before the meal and pretty much foreshadowing the greatness of the meal to come.

It does not have to be complicated, it can be very simple and deliver delicioso flavors and amazing presentations. Most importantly, try to avoid garlic, onion and eggs.

I call it simplicity at its best. Some things I made lately: arugula with oranges, raspberries, and toasted almonds and walnuts, Portobello pizza, sautéed peppers and carrots wrapped in balsamic zucchini with cherry tomatoes and basil, raspberry homemade jam with crepes and mint, mushroom duxelle with sour cream in crepes, and watermelon shots with balsamic vinaigrette, feta cheese basil and mint. Simple, quick, and delicioso.

Portobello pizza is pretty simple; make the pizza sauce (refer to the pizza post) remove the insides of the mushroom cap and stuff it with any filling desired.








For the zucchini I used a peeler to get the stripes and cooked them in grape seed oil. You do not have to use the same oil but that oil has a lighter taste and a high smoking point. After getting the right brown color and softness I removed it and placed it on a baking sheet, and let it rest while spreading balsamic vinaigrette on it. Thinly slice the carrots and peppers and sauté them in olive oil until soft. Season, and wrap the sauteed veg in the zucchini, drizzle balsamic vinaigrette and done.








Cut the watermelon into large cubes, and make a little hallow hole with a small knife or spoon where you’ll put the feta. Sprinkle some fresh mint or/with basil and drizzle balsamic vinaigrette on top. Another way is to make a sandwich. There are many ways you can express yourself, just experiment.








Raspberry jam: for 1 kg of raspberry, you need 1 kg of sugar. Do not stir. Let sit for 2-3 hours and put in the fridge overnight. The next day cook it on low heat (the fresh aromatic smell of the fruit will spread in the house) until it boils and let cool down. The boiling process is very important because it releases pectin. Pectin forms the solid that holds the liquid together. The ratio of sugar to fruit is 1:1. Too much fruit and you can lose the preservation properties; too much sugar and it can crystallize. Finger food, you may call it, are simple to make, tasty and light.

You can follow the basic recipe for crepes I found online (sorry I can’t reveal my mom’s recipe…)








Arugula with oranges, raspberries, and toasted almonds and walnuts… Says it all; but just peel the oranges, take all the white skin off of it, and cut it however you like it. Crush the almonds and place in the oven, when they starts to brown a little it’s ready, and the same with walnuts. You can add balsamic vinaigrette and olive oil too.








I like simplicity, its fun easy and not stressful. Many ethnic dishes are made with simple easy ingredients but come out absolutely delicioso.

If you have any questions or suggestions, do not hesitate to contact me!

Have yourself a Delicioso rest of the day.

Food for Scholars #3 Mediterranean


My name is Dani, and I love cooking. (“We love you Dani” and applaud)

My first post as promised with my good friend Matvie. I will be hosting more amazing people from different cultures.


If you have any questions or suggestions, do not hesitate to contact me!

Have yourself a Delicioso rest of the day.